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Owned by tenured Healthcare Staffing experts, managed by Healthcare Staffing business professionals, and operated by highly trained Healthcare Staffing Recruiters, our business exists to assist our Healthcare Practitioners and Professionals. By fully dedicating our business to yours, we inherently eliminate typical staffing inefficiencies, and unlike other agencies, we don’t leverage the future success of our fellow Healthcare Organizations on quick-fire candidate placements, inept processes, nor industry-ignorant recruiters. Instead, we are a team comprised of experienced commercial and government staffing specialists, fully equipped to respond quickly, and to seamlessly navigate all healthcare scouting and hiring procedures regardless of how diverse or complex the requirements.

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  • Access

    Loyal Source provides candidates from a proprietary database of over 300,000 healthcare providers

  • Process

    A streamlined selection process with internal pre-qualification by our program managers. This saves you time and money by having our process eliminate all but the most qualified candidates.

  • Dedication

    Comprehensive candidate screening that includes interviews, credentials verification, background checks (including references), and drug testing.

We Identify with Our Candidates to Provide You Asset Building Longevity

Ranked and recognized amongst the top rated Healthcare Staffing organizations nationwide, it’s our own staff’s Healthcare experience from serving our community within chief operating Commercial Hospital Groups, Private Practices, and Medical Treatment Facilities across the US, that proves we are what we say, but most important- proves we wholly identify with the experiences, triumphs, mentalities, and sometimes even the challenges our healthcare candidates face when transitioning, expanding or just beginning their patient-centered healthcare careers. It’s our intuitive and incomparable understanding of our candidates on this personal level that adds exclusive industry value to our Commercial and Government Agency Clients.

But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve proven our performance with our near perfect retention rate; because we believe in the value of inherent rapport, and relating to our Candidates- to ultimately provide our Clients with the absolute best in qualified, skilled, and dedicated Medical professionals.

Our Exclusive Recruiting Practice means 3x the Outreach

When working with Loyal Source, our comprehensive consideration for the mutual success of both our Clients and our Candidates sets Loyal Source apart. Our unique business model integrates a proprietary layer of recruiting expertise; having done what no other recruiting firm has- let alone no other healthcare staffing company- we’ve integrated two supplementary layers in our overall recruitment process: our unrivalled Internal Marketing Team and adept Program Managers.

Unlike other recruitment firms that over-prioritize recruiters to market, recruit, and candidate manage, we’ve dedicated an entire portion of our talented staff to a permanent full-time Internal Marketing Team; a team of outbound marketing specialists solely devoted to strategically marketing your open positions- establishing our lead generation capabilities as bar none. Atop utilizing over 25 professional job boards for candidate leads and position postings, our talented marketing team spends their day continuously combing online databases, applicant tracking systems, and a myriad of other resources to really amplify our candidate outreach efforts. With our Marketing team’s only objective to source and syphon well-qualified candidate leads to our Recruiters, we have the proven processes to always fulfill your contract with a tailored candidate, and faster than the competition.


Our Exclusive Recruiting Practice means 3x the Competitive Advantage

Comprising our most proprietary recruitment efforts are our Loyal Source Program Managers; integral personnel who conduct the final vetting procedures associated with our candidate selection process. Our Program Managers are a team consisting of our most influential Healthcare veterans. They all maintain a particular attention to detail; coupled with their hands-on medical experience working within both private and public healthcare sectors, they- more than anyone- can accurately analyze and advise our final-stage practitioner candidates. Their primarily role is to ensure our recruiter-selected applicants maintain the necessary balance of hard and soft skills required for the job, to double-check (and triple-check) candidate backgrounds and mindsets, to confirm they understand the contract requirements and terms, and to ultimately guide them through the onboarding and compliance process.

Before our candidates are presented to you, they are thoroughly evaluated by the best of our industry’s best. Though not the most inexpensive initiative, and sometimes it’s back to the drawing board when our selected candidates don’t make our Program Managers’ cut, but our only priority is filling your open positions with the most qualified professionals; and as your preferred Healthcare, IT, and Engineering business partner, you can rely on us to cultivate your greatest resource: to effectively source, connect with, qualify, and hire the highly skilled and professional industry experts essential for your organization to gain the competitive advantage you need- fast and reliably.

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