Healthcare Jobs Outside the Continental U.S.: Military Bases

Who Wouldn’t Want to Work in One of These Incredible U.S. Military Bases?

Military bases are reducing costs by hiring civilians into roles that were traditionally occupied by military personnel. One of the key areas we see this happening is within military hospitals, where civilian nurses and healthcare staff are replacing those in a military uniform.

Should you consider healthcare jobs on military bases outside the Continental United States?

Certainly, there are plenty of benefits you can take advantage of in civilian medical jobs on non-continental U.S. military bases.

The Perks of Civilian Medical Jobs on U.S. Bases

Though you are a civilian employee, when you work on a military base you get to benefit from many of the rewards experienced by military personnel.

For example, you’ll find that military bases are one of the safest places to work. Yes, the checks you must go through to get into the base may be arduous, but they also ensure that only authorized personnel get in.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of many of a base’s amenities, such as state-of-the-art gyms and educational facilities. You can also take part in the many fun days and events, such as air shows, and have access to discounted tickets, events, and rentals in the local area.

Then there’s the shopping: often much cheaper than off-base prices, and with items that you won’t find off-base.

The recreation facilities for families are something else, too. Golf, fishing, canoeing, skiing, and hunting are some of the most popular.

Finally, in terms of career enhancement, having DoD experience on your resume is welcomed by most employers. It shows you are trustworthy, capable of working under pressure, and a good team player.

Earn Civilian Wages with Military Base Perks

Pay scales for military and civilian nurses are significantly different. This is because military healthcare personnel are paid according to their rank, while as a civilian nurse on a military base you will be paid according to your professional experience.

Therefore, for example, as a new graduate civilian RN on a military base you might be paid an average of $64k ( Meanwhile, a newly graduated military nurse without military experience may start with a salary of around $40k ( – though this doesn’t include benefits, incentives, low-cost insurance, housing, etc.

Four Military Base Locations for Exciting Civilian Healthcare Jobs

If you are considering working in civilian healthcare jobs on military bases, instead of staying in the continental U.S., why not spread your search to outside continental U.S. (OCONUS) bases? There are many great places to work. You’ll benefit from a competitive salary and the perks of working on a military base, as well as experience new cultures and ways of life. Here are just four of the most sought-after OCONUS locations:

1.     Hawaii Healthcare Jobs on OCONUS Bases

There are four military bases in Hawaii:

  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam
  • MCB Hawaii
  • Schofield Barracks/Fort Shafter
  • USCG Base Honolulu

For many people, Hawaii is the dream job location. It also pays the second-highest average RN salary of all U.S. states (

Hawaii has a great climate, pristine water and beaches, and great public transport. Wherever you work in Hawaii, you’re close to being in an idyllic paradise. There’s little wonder why Hawaii has been voted as the happiest state in the United States.

2.     Alaska Healthcare Jobs on OCONUS Bases

For something completely different, why not work as a civilian in one of Alaska’s four military bases? These are:

Why work in Alaska? How about this for a list of reasons:

  • The summer daylight – up to 24 hours per day!
  • Great fishing
  • Incredible wildlife on your doorstep, and amazing national parks to explore
  • Low taxes
  • Empty roads to get the most out of that road trip
  • The fantastic nightlife in Anchorage
  • Rafting, hunting, kayaking… an outdoor person’s paradise
  • The most amazing seafood

Alaska is perfect for those who like adventure (and it’s number six on the list of highest RN salaries).

3.     Guam Healthcare Jobs on OCONUS Bases

Do you love the beach life? The two military bases in Guam are beckoning you:

  • Joint Region Marianas – Andersen AFB
  • Joint Region Marianas – Naval Base Guam

The average temperature here ranges from a high of 30 degrees Celsius to a low of 26 degrees Celsius. The island is just 30 miles long and 9 miles wide, but packs a real punch when it comes to beaches, culture, and history.

In the Tumon Bay District, you’ll find a plethora of restaurants, entertainment, and attractions. If you love shopping for luxury brands, you’ll be right at home – especially with no sales tax on this island. And the Chamorro Village Night Market? You won’t want to go home.

During your days off, you can relax on a beach of dazzling white sand. Or dive to the two wartime shipwrecks that lay side by side: one from World War I and the other from World War II.

An incredible place to work, rest, and play.

4.     Puerto Rico Healthcare Jobs on an OCONUS Base

There is one OCONUS base in Puerto Rico: Fort Buchanan – and it’s only a three-hour flight to Miami, and four hours to New York.

Again, you’ll benefit from a beautiful, tropical climate with average temperatures of 85°F and higher year-round closer to sea level and 70°F in the mountains. Spanish may be the main language here, but English is widely spoken. The people couldn’t be friendlier, but their hospitality is not the only thing that might surprise you about Puerto Rico.

Like Guam and Hawaii, Puerto Rico has the most amazing beaches and is perfect for water sport enthusiasts. It’s larger than Guam (100 miles x 35 miles), and you’ll find plenty to explore here, including bioluminescent bays, remote caves, and the only tropical rainforest in the United States.

And we’re only just getting started: world-class museums and art galleries, the tastiest local cuisine, and a unique culture make this a favorite destination for civilian healthcare jobs on OCONUS bases.

Working in Healthcare Jobs on OCONUS Military Bases: How to Get Started

Working on OCONUS military bases can be a great adventure for those healthcare professionals. The salaries are competitive, the benefits are incredible, and you’ll never be bored working on one of these bases – there is always something new happening.

Are you ready to learn more about working in healthcare jobs on OCONUS military bases? Apply today to our latest government healthcare jobs, many of which are on both OCONUS and CONUS bases!

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