How Do I Control My Career Path in Healthcare Jobs?

Turn Goals into Reality

Your career is in healthcare jobs and you want to excel, but perhaps you have become stuck in your current role. How do you unlock your potential and get back on the career path?

It’s clear your future is set in the stable industry of healthcare. But if your goals can’t breathe in your current role, it’s likely you’ll suffer disengagement – along with two-thirds of Americans (Gallup).

Demand for healthcare won’t fade. There will always be an opportunity to advance in healthcare jobs. You need a career development strategy. It’s right here.

Take Responsibility of Your Future

You are the key accelerator of your own career, fully responsible for steering your skills in the right direction. If you want to excel, take ownership and commit to investing time in doing so, instead of waiting and hoping for opportunities to come along. Remember that:

  • You may need to leave your comfort zone
  • You’ll need to identify your weak areas as well as your strong ones
  • These things take time and dedication
  • If you suffer a setback, it doesn’t close the door

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Nurture Your Resume

Allocate time every month to ensure your resume is updated. Any new qualifications, licenses, professional development, or achievements – get them on there, and remove the less relevant as time goes on. Thus, when an opportunity arises you will already be prepared to apply.

Know Your Skills

Certifications in healthcare clarify your technical ability and knowledge. What about your natural skillset? What are you best at by nature? Is there an aspect of medicine you feel drawn to? Perhaps you enjoy coaching or leading.

Identifying your soft skills will help you shape your future and know how and where to promote and apply yourself to the right fields.

It’s critical you identify your weaknesses, too – so that you can improve where needed and thus widen your career options, increase your value to employers, and overcome lack of confidence.

Determine Your Career Goals

What is it you want from your career? Though everyone wants to move forward, the desired result can differ. Define what it is you want to achieve:

  • Salary
  • Knowledge/certification development
  • To work in a certain field of expertise
  • A strong work/life balance

Your answer will define your career goals to help you map a path to reach them.

 Be Job Market Knowledgeable

Before you pinpoint you desired destination, do your research. Check out vacancies on quality jobs boards (like the one here) and clarify:

  • Demand for the role (and at what level)
  • Skills, qualifications, and experience required
  • Your location (this may affect your desirables, i.e., salary vs commute)

Speaking to a specialist recruiter such as Loyal Source will help you understand the job market, and gain valuable advice on your options. You could also sign up for notifications for newly released healthcare jobs of interest.

Take Action

You’re armed with expert advice. You know your skillset and what’s important to you, and defined your goal. Now it’s time to set the wheels in motion:

Speak to Your Boss

Let them in on your mindset. They may be able to support you through mentorship, qualifications, study time, or resources.

Get Networking

Follow fields of interest, organizations, providers and recruiters for the latest healthcare news, events, and opportunities. Don’t forget to ensure your social media (particularly LinkedIn) is routinely optimized for professional viewing – most organizations head online to check you out.

Consider Temp Contracts

Temporary/temp-to-perm contracts are a great way to:

  • Learn new skills (or develop weaker ones)
  • Earn more to support study for further qualifications
  • Meet new healthcare professionals to boost your network
  • Gain enriched experience
  • Compare different fields of healthcare
  • Get your foot in the door with your preferred employer

Telehealth is also on the rise, providing exceptional avenues to boost your earnings while you study and gain greater specialization.

Discover Life-Changing Healthcare Jobs Opportunities

You are the only person who can control your career path in healthcare. These tips outline the steps you must take to map out the road ahead and reach the goals bespoke to your skillset and desire.

Whether it’s high-end salary you’re looking for, a well-balanced professional and personal life, or entering a field of expert healthcare close to your heart, opportunities await. Contact Loyal Source today and turn your future into the present.

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