History of Women in the Workforce

Women in the Workforce

Loyal Source is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring the many incredible women who’ve shaped today’s workforce and highlighting the strides they’ve made to impact our business world. From the early trailblazers who fought for women’s equality to modern day, high-level executives; time-and-time again women have shattered glass ceilings in virtually every industry to help our businesses, economy, and country thrive. This is a brief look at the history of women in the workforce.

Women in the Workforce in the 20th Century

In the early 20th century, women began to enter the workforce in larger number s simply out of necessity. It was during

The History of Women in the Workforce

the Great Depression when many men were losing their jobs that created a huge rise in the number of women looking for work.

During the war, women took positions in factories and offices and began making their mark in the professional world. This was a major step forward, as it gave women an independent source of income and allowed them to contribute to their family’s finances. Since those early years, women have made tremendous strides quickly. Today, women everywhere have taken on leadership roles in their respective fields and have proven that female leaders can be just as – or more successful – than their male counterparts. These women have inspired countless others to take on leadership roles and make their mark on their industry.

Why We Celebrate Women in the Workforce

We’re fortunate to have some of the best women in leadership at Loyal Source and proud of all the amazing contributions they bring to our organization.

By celebrating Women’s History Month, we recognize the progress women have made in the workforce and celebrate the incredible achievements of the women who helped pave the way. Let’s continue to work together to ensure that all women have access to the same economic opportunities and that they are treated with respect and fairness in the workplace.

If you would like to join the incredible women working at Loyal Source please check out all of our job openings.