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In today’s technological workplace, Information Technology Services and Systems have become ingrained within every business and Government Agency infrastructure. And as companies are now universally promoting IT as its own service entity, more and more businesses are integrating additional functional areas of IT, such as: Cloud Computing, Help Desk Support, Knowledge Management, and even Social Media Management into their overall business models.

Supporting every departments of the DOD, all 5 branches of the US Armed Forces, and every VA Medical Facility in the nation, Loyal Source is an established IT Service organization; recognized for enhancing development and technological collaboration within every US Government Agency via our continued, successful deployment of well-qualified and dexterous IT professionals. With such extensive federal rapport, and inherent industry knowledge of emerging technologies, Loyal Source is uniquely qualified to provide our IT Candidates with exclusive IT opportunities across a myriad of IT disciplines worldwide.

Our IT specialists support the following functional requirements:

Systems Design and Architecture
Knowledge Management
Network Administration
Cloud Computing Services
Help Desk Support
Systems Administration
Cabling & Infrastructure
Software Development & Integration
Advisory & Assistance
Cyber Security & IA

NAICS Codes:

519130, 541430, 541511, 541512, 541513,
541519, 541618, 541990, 561210

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Technology Services Team:

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Director, Business Development
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Senior Business Developer
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