What is Locum Tenens Work?

The term locum tenens is a Latin phrase interpreted as “holding one’s place.” Established in the early 1970’s per a Federal Grant passed to provide Physician staffing assistance to medically under-serviced rural areas of the United States, the extremely successful initiative was soon thereafter referred to as Locum Tenens contracting; with now thousands of Physicians choosing to practice medicine in such way.

Being a leader in Healthcare Staffing, we proudly endorse and qualify Locum Tenens contracts for our Loyal Source Clients. Specifically focusing such career opportunities to both our Government and Civilian Physicians and advance healthcare practice candidates, Locum Tenens work provides for a more flexible schedule, travel opportunities, supplementary clinical experience, and additional income.

Loyal Source staffs Locum Tenens practitioners in all 50 of the United States, and retains employment opportunities for both short and long term contract durations. When working with Loyal Source to find your perfect career, the excitement of an ever-changing clinical experience that comes with LT positions may better align with your long-term goals. And as your career search partner we are dedicated to our practitioners, and continually strive to find you the most fitting career for your distinctive lifestyle.

Why do Physicians prefer to work Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens opportunities often provide our Loyal Source Candidates just the right lifestyle balance for career, family, and financial needs- and at any experience level- whether just out of residency, or nearing retirement. And, as the industry continues to grow, the desire for career variety, ease of occupational transition, highly competitive and lucrative compensation, travel, and upgraded malpractice insurance are among the highest motives why more and more Physicians are going LT.

Variety can be said to be the ‘Spice of Locums.’ When working LT, Loyal Source Physicians are provided the freedom to choose where you live, where you work, and from a variety of medical practices and facilities. But most unique- working LT affords our Physicians unique lifetime opportunities to expand your out of office activities; to take full advantage of what each city you choose to work in has to offer, from arts and entertainment, to sports and events.

Transitioning- Whether you desire to relocate to a new city, try a new type of medical practice, or are winding down your own practice, LT positions can provide you with a low risk way to temporarily explore and experience your new direction before fully committing.

Compensation- As an LT practitioner, you will earn a highly competitive compensation package, based on your experience and the clients’ needs of where you contract. Often, practitioners with high student loans, or practitioners nearing retirement will take advantage of the higher-than-average remuneration.

Housing and Travel- Our Loyal Source Travel Team will provide you with the most comfortable arrangements possible; making sure you are free to focus on your work rather than be pre-occupied with finding lodging and transportation for every assignment.

Malpractice Insurance- As a prestigious LT Physician, Loyal Source will provide you with the best medical malpractice insurance- and at no expense to you.

Locum Tenens Physician Positions

Search our extensive list of Locum Tenens Physician positions today, and explore why thousands of other successful Practitioners like you are not just working the jobs they love, but living them too.

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