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Branded permanently within our name, the Loyal Source Leadership Team recognizes that top talent and employee loyalty matters most in our Client Agencies, and the same reigns true in our own. Together, we provide our Clients, Candidates, and Loyal Source personnel alike over 40 years Managed experience in the Healthcare, Defense, IT, and Training Support services industries; delivering decades of invaluable business knowledge and insight to those we serve.

Our Team


From serving our troops while stationed with numerous Operating Bases and Medical Treatment Facilities nationwide, to training foreign ally soldiers on operations and maintenance of new equipment abroad, we can confidently say no other company maintains a Team that is more experienced and in-tuned to the policies, procedures, and the degree of dedication associated with our Government Clients; and no other company is more committed to Staffing our valued Government Agencies of America with equally as experienced, qualified, and loyal professionals than we are.

Other Teams

We All Work Together, for You.

At Loyal Source, our tenured staffing and administrative experts are dedicated to changing the perception of contract staffing; and to do so, we share in the belief that it is to always place our Client and Candidates’ needs first. To provide for a seamless, more streamlined and personalized recruitment experience.

To achieve our goal, we uniquely cross-function the activities and expertise of all our internal company divisions across each of our department teams. With a robust staff of specialists spanning all aspects of managerial and administrative business functions, all of our department teams are comprised of individual experts with highly focused skills; skills honed and pooled together on a departmental level to best assist you in successfully navigating your career path.

From our devoted Client/Candidate-facing account managers, our internal marketing experts and credentialing professionals, to our specialized financial advisors and career administrators, our teams working together for you are guaranteed to provide for a more comprehensive, specialized staffing experience for both our Agency Clients and valued Candidates.

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Our Moments

At Loyal Source we are more than a business, and we consider our staff to be more than co-workers. Together, we are friends and family. And it’s our mutual respect and regard for one and another as a family that has fostered our success as a company.

Loyal Source is built on a steadfast foundation of shared passion, creativity, and fun. Together, we strive to provide an inspiring and engaging workplace for one another; to energized and excite each other about tackling the day’s challenges. And in cultivating a company culture of enjoyment and continued support, we can in turn guarantee that our Clients and Candidates will feel the same respect, motivation and positivity when working with us.

But don’t just take our word for it. From our philanthropy events, intramural sporting activities, UCF Tailgates and BBQ’s, to our interoffice celebrations, we welcome you to take a glimpse into our office life, and share in our culture of fun too!

Jerry Maclellan
Vice President

Serving Loyal Source Government Services as Vice President of Business Development, Jerry MacLellan effectively ensures the development of new, and the continued growth of existing government and commercial partnerships with the objective to maximize the company’s placement volume and profitability. Overseeing overall coordination and functional management of the company’s global sales initiatives for Loyal Source, MacLellan contributes key functionalities to the collaborative business growth and development effort, including the refined development and implementation of multi-facet sales strategies, strategic account management oversight, and the executive management of the Loyal Source global sales team.

With over 15 years of Sales and Sales Management experience, MacLellan has been immersed in healthcare sales and staffing from the beginning- first working for a local Orlando per diem staffing agency, placing Nurses into Nursing Homes and Hospitals, to his role as Field Sales Trainer in medical device for Olympus America, and most recently, serving as Regional Vice President of Sales for a worldwide diagnostic company, Poplar Healthcare.

Today, MacLellan successfully leads the Loyal Source worldwide marketing and sales initiative, meticulously analyzing all contract markets and agencies, he expertly shapes the company’s national and international outreach and business development strategies accordingly to capture the maximum in profitable growth per each prospective contract demographic. MacLellan adds value to the company as an experienced project manager and sales trainer, contributing his renowned ‘big picture’ ideology to the Loyal Source executive team.

Inspired to elevate Loyal Source to be globally recognized as the ‘Gold Standard’ in contract healthcare placement, Jerry is personally and professionally dedicated to changing the perception of contract staffing. Daily Jerry inspires his team to be dedicated to the ‘big picture,’ leading the growth of Loyal Source on a foundation of unremitting focus to ‘Think of the Customer’s Needs First;’ to commit the expansion efforts of Loyal Source to meeting and exceeding the realized needs of the healthcare facility client, and ultimately, to foster an industry reputation for providing their clients only the precise personnel who will exceed the needs of their patients.

Brian Moore

Serving Loyal Source since inception as President of Government Services, Brian Moore is a recognized creative solutions and results-oriented leader. Known as the authoritative driver for the continued- and extremely successful- navigation of the ever-changing Staffing and Government Services industry economic landscape, Moore’s expert analysis of changing labor dynamics and the influence of economic changes on the workforce market prompted the launch of Loyal Source into Government Services in the early stages of business. A critical shift in the Loyal Source business model that applied the company’s previous commercial staffing experience to the government space; a shift foreseen necessary by Moore which has made the company what it is today.

As President of Government Services, Moore regularly consults with leaders of the most renowned and influential Government Agencies throughout the United States and the world. Overseeing operations, and all Loyal Source Government Services business development efforts, Moore is responsible for the company’s strategic marketing and outreach programs, expertly designed to infiltrate and develop new government service venture opportunities for the business worldwide. Managing the company’s largest national and international client agency accounts, Moore’s decade of commercial and government staffing business acumen has been integral to the development of the Loyal Source name, today known worldwide for developing innovative and market-variable human capital solutions on a global scale.

Moore is well-known for being a passionate advocate of the CARD Foundation (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities), a local Orlando organization supporting children victim to Autism at every stage, and other complex neurodevelopment disorders. Spearheading Loyal Source’s philanthropic involvement for the cause, Moore donates much volunteer time to The Loyal Source Foundation in the support of CARD, and has significantly abetted the company in raising substantial contributions for the organization to date.

A dynamic and unquestionably influential leader for Loyal Source, Brian is dedicated to creating a legacy- for the company brand, and all Loyal Source employees who are a part of it. Acclaimed for providing an internal business platform conducive to supporting employee growth opportunities, Brian’s proven methods for fostering company talent, which in turn has provided for the successful overall growth of the company, have been realized through the awarded accolades and industry notoriety of naming Loyal Source: Small Business of the Year 2014 and Fastest Growing Staffing Company 2015.


Leigh Pace

As Chief Operating Officer, Leigh Pace leads the successful development and execution of Loyal Source global Healthcare and Technical Services Government Recruiting operations. With over 15 year’s hands-on Healthcare Staffing experience, Pace provides distinctive healthcare recruiting insight and tenured practical application of multi-level strategic marketing and business development management solutions to her team of 200 healthcare recruiters, and government agency program managers.

Recruited to Loyal Source in 2013, Pace brings more than a decade of adept relationship-focused client/candidate service experience, RN, LPN, and NP commercial and government assignment placement expertise, along with operational industry knowledge of temporary, permanent, and government contract placement solutions to Loyal Source. Her unmatched drive for success, coupled with her approachable, team-building leadership style has enabled the company to achieve triple-digit revenue growth; increasing the scale of Loyal Source operations through implementing key internal efficiencies that have expanded the company’s staffing capacity, have led to the growth and promotion of internal talent, and have catalyst the integration of new service capabilities worldwide for the company.

Seth Eubank


Leading Loyal Source as Chief Executive Officer, Seth Eubank is responsible for the growth, strategic positioning, development, and overall financial performance of the company’s Government and Commercial Staffing services throughout the United States and abroad. Setting the Loyal Source corporate Vision and Mission, Eubank has dedicated his professional career to positioning the company as the preeminent provider of elite government contracting services worldwide. Daily he provides leadership initiatives to the Loyal Source executive team, evaluating program performance and positioning each division for the successful execution of the company’s Mission: to establish strategic, long-term partnerships with Government Agency and Commercial Healthcare clients by consistently performing at the highest level of quality staffing, and functioning with the utmost transparency.

For 12 years, he proudly served his country as an Airborne Ranger for the U.S. Army and as a Military Intelligence Officer for the Florida National Guard.
 Coupled with his prior practice working as an IRS Agent for the Federal Government, he is adept in government services, associated financial planning, and developing profitable logistics partnerships on a federal level. Such gainful partnerships for which Eubank was honored with the Coast Guard Award; awarded him for saving the agency a noteworthy amount of government money.

Focused on driving business growth since 2009, today Eubank is accredited for the company’s successful placement of over 2,300 Healthcare Professionals within over 200 locations worldwide, and for the company’s exponential financial growth of 160% in one year; elevating Loyal Source to be recognized as the Fast Growing Staffing Company 2015.

Instrumental in the procurement of all Loyal Source’s government contracts to date, Seth’s success as CEO is built on a foundation of considerable leadership and management experience obtained while working as a government employee himself, where he accrued practical working knowledge of budgeting, data base administration, compliance, operations and financial management.