3 Safety Initiatives for the Workplace

Safety Initiative

  Workplace safety has never been more relevant than it is today. In the last 15 years, we have experienced drastic fluctuations in employment rates, pandemics, changes in remote work, advances in machine technology, demands for mental health access, the acceleration of artificial intelligence, and an unrelenting wave of cyber security issues across every industry.…

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5 Disadvantages of a Contingent Worker


Contingent workers are an amazing solution to rapidly growing companies. They provide immediate benefits in the form of manpower, flexible labor, and hiring speed. However, contingent labor might not be right for every company in every scenario.    There is no doubt that access to a rapid contingent workforce creates unparalleled flexibility. As demand for…

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Are you prepared for a post-pandemic workplace?

  Jon Melzer Vice President-Technical Services   An Appetite for the Home Office   Chances are… you aren’t prepared for what’s coming. And that’s okay, most companies aren’t. The U.S. economy has never had to accommodate a rapid pandemic environment—at least not one in a digital world. The pandemic has not only accelerated the requirements…

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Loyal Source Awarded Prime NASA Kennedy Space Center Engineering BPA

NASA Prime Contract

Loyal Source Awarded Prime NASA Kennedy Space Center Engineering BPA     Jon Melzer Vice President-Technical Services   As one of the nation’s leading workforce solutions providers, we are pleased to announce a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) award to provide NASA Kennedy Space Center with Engineering and Other Professional Support Services (KEOPS).   With a proven ability to mobilize expert recruitment…

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