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What Makes Us Different? You do! Our valued travel nurse staff continues to make us look good every day. You are high quality licensed healthcare professionals that pass a rigorous screening process matched with facilities based on experience, credentials, and culture values. When one of our travel nurses accepts an assignment, he/she does so with your patients’ care and overall business needs in mind.

The Loyal Source process allows our nurses to enjoy the health benefits of a culture fit at work along with the gratification of visiting new and exciting destinations. Why does this matter? Our nurses are refreshed and ready to focus solely on patient care. This saves money for the hospital by avoiding errors and omissions along with the time and money associated with identifying influential difference makers for your units. Our nurses are provided with continuing education to ensure they are up-to-date with compliance training. There is no substitute for a well-trained experienced nurse who has the dedication to hit the ground running and fit in with your current staff.

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