Alexandra Mora

National Recruiter

About me:

I love my dogs, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, my mom!

What I love about recruitment:

I get to play cupid. I am a tiny desk-bound cherub, shooting emails instead of arrows.


Traveling healthcare professionals.

Fun facts:

The owner of Segway died from injuries he sustained after riding a Segway off of a cliff.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Alex goes above and beyond! She is an awesome recruiter. Keeps me working with no pauses between contracts. She calls back quickly and efficiently. I always recommend Alex when nurses are looking for travel jobs.
Alex has always put my best interests first. She has given me advice and helped me when I was in a bind with another contract. She is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Loyal Source. She is trustworthy, has a high level of integrity, and has great people skills!
Alex made the entire experience seamless. She provided truthful information in a straightforward manner from the beginning. Her communication was timely and precise and I just overall have enjoyed so much working with her!
It has only been a few days but we formed a great connection. I feel as if she has an invested interest in assisting me in getting a good job placement.

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