Kelly McElroy

National Recruiter

About me:

Hi! My name is Kelly McElroy. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated true-blooded Midwesterner who is always striving to achieve success personally, financially and creatively. In addition to my career as a recruiter, I spend my time writing, recording and producing music, as well as reading and learning about real estate, real estate investing, and other investing techniques. My passion for personal and professional development undoubtedly seeps into my recruiting career, as I take great satisfaction in helping job-seekers find opportunities that are exciting and fit the lifestyle they crave and deserve.

What I love about recruitment:

As recruiters, we strive to help people. That’s our main goal, and that’s exactly why I love my job. There isn’t a better feeling than helping people find life-changing opportunities that provide them with a higher degree of life satisfaction and standard of living. I also really love being a partner to my people, acting as an advocate in their professional success and being there, promptly, when they have a problem that needs resolved. Basically, I just love taking care of people. End of story.


I specialize in finding incredible registered nurses of all specialties to place into high-level, rewarding positions all throughout the United States.

Fun facts:

I am currently working on writing an album for kids, and it's going to be SUPER. COOL.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Kelly was exceptionally kind, informative and helpful throughout the entire process. He is truly an asset to your organization.
Responded in a timely manner if not immediately. Ensured that our conversation went with my schedule as I work nights. Was eager to help get me submitted to the position and discussed other options if me if in long run we need them. Very easy to talk to and down to earth.
Kelly is friendly, positive, upbeat, always available if needed, fast to respond if he doesn't know the answer. He is an upbeat part of the travel nurse experience. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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