Phillip Ifesiokwu

National Recruiter

About me:

I have been a nurse recruiter for over 8 years now, I love working with nurses and healthcare professionals in particular because healthcare is a Challenging and innovative industry.

What I love about recruitment:

Recruitment is extremely fulfilling to me because, you get to help someone else achieve their potential. You get to be a coach and the number one fan of your candidate, what is not to love?! I know candidates working in different parts of the country that I have never met, but I have become an integral part of the Career. Recruiting gives a fulfillment that money cannot buy.


All areas and specialties of Nursing, Health Care professionals, Health Care Management ETC.

Fun facts:


Great Recruiters Ratings


Phillip is awesome in every aspect
Philip is one of the most professional and transparent recruiters I have met. He always keeps his word.
Resourceful and immediate in responding to concerns and needs for mission accomplishment.
He’s all the way helping me from the beginning to find continuous search to give me a job . He’s a superb recruiter providing work for me ... I’m so happy I’m with loyal source . And I recommended Philip as my recruiter to others . Thank you loyal source for keeping me going working as travel nurse . God bless us all .🙏❤️

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