Stephen Barrett

National Recruiter

About me:

Born and raised in Florida I could never imagine living anywhere else. I am a UCF alumni with my bachelor’s degree in human communications. I enjoy boating, surfing, fishing and anything water related. When I am not on the water I’m spending time with my dog or finding new opportunities for nurses.

What I love about recruitment:

I think recruitment gives me a chance to help others find great and exciting opportunities to travel across the nation while making a living for themselves.


Any and all healthcare or nursing opportunities from ICU nurses to Technicians and Technologists.

Fun facts:

I used to free dive as a hobby and could swim 60 feet down with no dive gear, holding my breath for almost two minutes at a time.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Steven is extremely helpful with all avenue's of the travel nurse process. I recently decided traveling was an option i wanted to pursue. He made this transition flow with ease, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you Steven!
Stephen is a hard worker, accessible, and has been great through the entire process. I look forward to many future endeavors together!
Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful

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