Steven Hassen

National Recruitment Manager

About me:

I am married to my beautiful wife, Alley and have two beautiful daughters, Lucia who is 6 and Grace who is 2.  I have been recruiting for over 9 years. I went to the University of Florida where I got my undergrad Degree in History and my Masters Degree in Sports Management.

What I love about recruitment:

I love helping people get positions that can change there situation financially. I love that contract travel opportunities can pay someone life changing money and greatly effect there situation while still doing something they enjoy.


I staff Registered Nurses as well as any Healthcare working in Contract travel contract positions.

Fun facts:

In high school I was a 4 time state champion in Cross County and Track and Field. I ran 8:52 for 2 miles which at the time was the 2ns fastest time in Florida state history, because of this, I was able to get a scholarship to the University of Florida. GO GATORS!!!!!

Great Recruiters Ratings


Steven is amazing! He is very organized, quick with returning calls and texts. He is very transparent and honest. He is able to maintain a good balance between not hounding his clients yet not ignoring them when he is needed as well, this i can not impress enough was so important to me as a new travler. I would reccomend him as a suppurb recruiter! I am so thankful he took me under his wing!!
Steven Is a good guy. More honest than most contractors, this is my second with him
Honesty i feel he is at times too lenient to me if i do something wrong. He is here for me day and night, weekend and holidays. Very understanding of my needs and wants. He is awesome!

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