Why Can’t Your Startup Hire Talented Full Stack Engineers Through a Recruiter?

Do Talented Full Stack Developers All Go to FAANG Companies?

In the war to recruit talented full stack engineers, as a startup you can often feel like the underdog. How can your small new enterprise compete with big tech FAANG companies? They can offer bigger paychecks and have a machine behind them in their recruitment process. Among key statistics, recruitment research shows that:

  • Two-thirds of graduates believe they can earn more at large companies
  • Eight out of 10 graduates believe career advancement is easier at large companies

However, values are changing. Many people are now more focused on finding a job at a company with a good mission rather than searching for the biggest paycheck. Your startup now has the opportunity to level the playing field and take on big tech to recruit the most talented full stack engineers. Here are some tips to help you with your recruitment process.

The Demand for Full Stack Developers Is in Your Favor

We’re finding that hiring companies are seeking out greater degrees of specialization. This means the demand for full stack engineers is not quite as high as it has been in the past. If you are hiring for full stack engineers, this small shift in demand for talent should work in your favor. The question is, how do you take advantage of this?

Highlight the Positives of Working for a Startup

Even with the lower demand, startups can find it difficult to compete with bigger companies. To recruit the best talent, you should assess what you can offer to candidates that the FAANG companies can’t or don’t. Look closely at your brand, your mission, and building for the future, and use these as positives for your offer.

Often, the potential of a satisfying job working with new technology and products and the bonus of being in on the ground floor will attract talented engineers. Being a bigger voice with more input into development and direction is magnetic to many who want to enhance their experience and resume.

Make sure that your job description highlights the potential the position offers, and then ensure that you confirm this in each interview you hold.

Build Your Brand

Full stack engineers who want to work for startups are looking for more than money. Build a brand that candidates fall in love with.

In FAANG companies, employees can feel lost. The size of teams can lead to candidates feeling like they aren’t making big contributions and they lose motivation for their work. You should position your company as one in which each employee is valued and will have the opportunity to contribute to the company mission.

Make full stack engineers excited about the position. Show them the great technology they will be working with, and how your company is planning to build great applications that they can be a part of.

Talk with candidates to figure out what they want. See if you can align the job opportunity with their desires. To attract the best candidates, you need to know what they are looking for in a job and show that you can provide it.

Employ a Staffing Agency

Does the staffing agency model work for startups? It’s a specialized area, and so finding the right staffing agency for your needs is crucial. Here are three elements you should look for:

·      Flexibility

Use an agency that has experience with startups and understands the flexibility you need.

·      Long-term value

Work with an agency with recruiters who you can build a long-term relationship with.

·      A deep talent pool

Use an agency with a broad base of talented candidates, experience in your sector, and a history of placing talented full stack engineers.

Offer a Clear Career Path

It may be that the candidate you recruit will be taking a big pay cut or shunning the larger salary that FAANG companies can offer. For the right opportunity, talented candidates will join your team.

Be honest about the present state of the company and what the future can hold. Demonstrate a clear trajectory for a candidate’s career, including upsides and downsides. This honesty will help you to build trust quickly, and it gives the candidate the benefit of the full picture to evaluate any offer you should make. Remember, the most talented candidates will not stick around if the job does not meet their expectations.

To Sum Up

Competing with FAANG companies to hire the best full stack engineers may not be as hard as you think. Today’s quality candidates are looking for more than paychecks and job security. Many full stack engineers want to work for projects they are passionate about, and with brands that align with their values.

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