Your Guide to Medical Assistant Certifications and How They Can Benefit Your Healthcare Career

medical assistant certificates

CMA, RMA, NCMA, and CCMA: What’s the Difference? Medical assistants are healthcare aides with medical assistant certification and form the backbone of the healthcare industry. Without them, it would be exceedingly difficult for physicians and healthcare professionals to provide effective medical care. Medical assistants help in many ways: they can conduct tasks like patient intake,…

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Healthcare Jobs Outside the Continental U.S.: Military Bases

military healthcare jobs

Who Wouldn’t Want to Work in One of These Incredible U.S. Military Bases? Military bases are reducing costs by hiring civilians into roles that were traditionally occupied by military personnel. One of the key areas we see this happening is within military hospitals, where civilian nurses and healthcare staff are replacing those in a military…

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Healthcare Jobs for Military Spouses

healthcare jobs

Challenges and Opportunities Dissected Because of the military lifestyle, military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to their career choices. The good news? A satisfying and rewarding career in healthcare jobs is available to you, even though you are ‘married to the military’. Put Your Needs First Military spouses are a diverse group of…

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Why Physician Assistants Should Know More Than One Language

physician assistant

Language Skills Are in Demand – Great For Employers and For You There is a growing demand for physician assistants with advanced language skills, and for good reason, too. English may be the official language spoken in the United States, but millions of our residents don’t speak English, or speak it rarely or less than…

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Civilian Nurses Jobs on Military Bases – All You Need to Know

civilian nurses

Are Military Contract Nursing Jobs a Great Career Option for You? Military bases are hotbeds of employment for civilian nurses. There are significant military contract nursing job opportunities for all RNs, especially those with specialized training. Pay is attractive, the perks and benefits are generous, and you’ll be serving your country without being part of…

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Do You Need a College Degree to Be an EMT?


How to Become an EMT Do you need a college degree to be an EMT? Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) serve as the first point of contact when someone has experienced injury or trauma because of illness, age, or other event. At the front line of response, as an EMT you will work with other first…

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Tips for Onboarding New Employees in Healthcare Jobs

Don’t Let Your Hiring Process Go to Waste You’ve filled your healthcare jobs with the perfect candidates. They’ve signed the contract, and you’ve issued their access card. They begin their new role. If you think this is where it ends, you are making a mistake. A 2018 study reported that 69% of employees are more…

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How Do I Control My Career Path in Healthcare Jobs?

Turn Goals into Reality Your career is in healthcare jobs and you want to excel, but perhaps you have become stuck in your current role. How do you unlock your potential and get back on the career path? It’s clear your future is set in the stable industry of healthcare. But if your goals can’t…

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Can We Force Healthcare Staff to Have the Vaccine?

Enforcement V Choice – The Answers Are Here Your healthcare staff are on the frontline of a workforce exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic. You want to protect them, just as much as you want to protect your patients. Can you force them to have the COVID vaccine? The CDC is on your side, and –…

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What Are the Perks in Travel Nurse Jobs?

Get Packing for These Perks Travel nurse jobs are proving popular among your nursing colleagues. Working elsewhere else right now sounds really appealing. But is the good life going to leave you out of pocket? Is it all too good to be true? Travel nurses are uniquely positioned to ease nursing shortages across the country:…

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