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Lucketsia Edwards

Technical Recruiter

About me:

I am Haitian American, born in Miami, FL. I've lived in Florida my whole Life. I currently reside in Orlando, FL with my amazing Husband! I like to cook and go to Disney Springs every weekend because it's free and still feels like you're in a Disney Park. I love all things Interior Design and just have an eye for making any place into the place of your dreams!


What I love about recruitment:

I love the simple fact of helping someone find a job. That is a humbling thing for me because I know what it feels like to be trying to find work and just doing whatever it takes to support your family. It's always a reminder of the goodness of the Lord for me when I get to talk to people and help them find a job/career.



I can cook, have an eye for interior design, I play the Bass (although I'm a little rusty since I haven't played since I was like 15), and I love just enjoying the life God blessed me with.


Fun facts:

I can sing the books of the Bible; that's the way I remembered them lol. Also, I love the drifting community (Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift). My husband is into the JDM car scene, so I ended up loving it as well. Also, I can change a tire and change my own oil in my car, thanks to my husband teaching me. I'm no Damsel in Distress because I can do it all!

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