Celebrating Black History Month: Black History Month Panel

Black History Month Panel 2023

Loyal Source is proud to have our DEI Committee host the inaugural Black History Month Panel discussion on February 22nd. Several topics were discussed, including what black history meant to each panel member, as well as various challenges still facing African Americans throughout our country. We’re proud of each panel member and are excited to have them as part of our Loyal Source family.

“Meet our Moderator”

Danielle is a  Recruitment Manager at Loyal Source and was our moderator for this panel. She facilitated a very  impactful and powerful conversation with our panelist. She was also able to share some of her experiences as an African American woman, including sharing an experience where she had to have a difficult discussion with her young son about racism in the world.


“Meet the Panel”




Chaienne, our Automation and Engagement Manager, spoke about her experiences as a black woman in the workplace. One of the topics she discussed was a time in her life when she had to defend her hairstyles being professional and workplace appropriate. She talked about the CROWN ACT (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) and how this is now allowing people to come to work as their authentic selves.



Charles is our Sr. Training Specialist at Loyal Source and reflected about a time when he was younger and had to have ‘the talk’ with his mom. ‘The Talk’ being how to act when dealing with police officers to avoid the dangers that African Americans often face with some law enforcement. He also went on to share the talks he has with his children and the affirmations he says to them every day.



Urbanette our Sr. Operations manager shared her experiences living in different countries as an African American woman. She was born in Jamaica and grew up in Canada. She talked about when she moved to the United States, and how more than ever, she was aware that she was black. She also discussed how people can be an ally and genuinely stand up against racism.



Erin is our Deputy Program Manager for our provider network. She spoke about her upbringing, and how her family instilled values to believe in herself and to never forget where she’s come from or where God is leading her. She went on to discuss ‘Black Girl Magic’ and how important it is to celebrate black women and their accomplishments.



Our first Black History Panel was a resounding success, and we hope to continue encouraging others to celebrate black history – present and future.  If you would like to watch the panel discussion, please visit our YouTube playlist.


“Loyal Source is not just a company of words, but of action and they embrace their employees, their individuality, and knowledge they bring to the table.” – Urbanette M.