Join Loyal Source’s Provider Network and Boost Your Bottom Line!

Loyal Source was recently awarded an exciting opportunity by the VA to provide Medical Disability Examinations to Veterans throughout the country. In just a short time, we’ve built a strong network of provider partners at our 20-plus cutting-edge facilities in 11 states across the Western U.S. including Alaska & Hawaii.

As we continue our aggressive growth into new territories, we’re looking to partner with new providers to help fill vital health care spaces and offer Veterans caring, high quality ‘comp & pen’ exams.

Why Partner with Us?

Joining the Loyal Source network offers an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our nation’s Veterans while also allowing providers to:

  • Realize increased revenue streams.
  • Offer exams to Veterans in your own facility.
  • Receive direct payouts from Loyal Source bypassing insurance hassles.
  • Avoid confusing insurance paperwork.
  • Work your desired schedule.
  • Enjoy low legal risk; and
  • Provide no treatment, only assessments.

If you’re ready to impact the lives of Veterans everywhere while adding supplemental income to your practice, consider becoming a Loyal Source provider partner today! Just fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Become a Provider Partner

Disclaimer: These site pages are meant as a tool for recruiting candidates and provider partners. Any Veteran inquiry submitted through these forms cannot receive a response. Please call 1-833-832-7077 or 1-720-449-8003 for additional information.

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