We All Work Together, for You.

At Loyal Source, our tenured staffing and administrative experts are dedicated to changing the perception of contract staffing; and to do so, we share in the belief that it is to always place our Client and Candidates’ needs first. To provide for a seamless, more streamlined and personalized recruitment experience.

To achieve our goal, we uniquely cross-function the activities and expertise of all our internal company divisions across each of our department teams. With a robust staff of specialists spanning all aspects of managerial and administrative business functions, all of our department teams are comprised of individual experts with highly focused skills; skills honed and pooled together on a departmental level to best assist you in successfully navigating your career path.

From our devoted Client/Candidate-facing account managers, our internal marketing experts and credentialing professionals, to our specialized financial advisors and career administrators, our teams working together for you are guaranteed to provide for a more comprehensive, specialized staffing experience for both our Agency Clients and valued Candidates.

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