Some time ago, in 2009…

The staffing market changed, and the industry shift affected staffing agencies across the nation. There was no longer the same degree of financial gain nor worthwhile business development opportunities in staffing commercial placements alone. And unlike some of our commercial competition at the time- who failed to adapt- we refused to lose what we had built, and knew we had to shift our focus outside the private staffing sector. So, together, we decided it was time; time to enter the public staffing arena, to begin making a name for Loyal Source in Government Services.

With just 4 employees way back then, we started refocusing our business development efforts, and began doing what we had to do to engage Government Agency Clients. We marketed the company as an influential government service Subcontractor, and partnered as an internal recruitment arm, under the name of established Prime Contractors in government services then.

At the time, we had no choice but to harness every opportunity we could; dabbling in all occupational niches within government service. But soon with the experience we gained working under large government firms, we acknowledged Healthcare Staffing to be our future. And the future didn’t take long. In just a year and a half- by December 2011- Loyal Source had become an industry-branded sub company: having secured 75 government employment contracts as a recognized Government Staffing Subcontractor. It was then we knew we were on our way.

And so Together We Grew…

We wanted to take on more, and soon, our seemingly significant 75 Subcontractor contracts fostered the exponential growth in Government Service we had wanted all along. By 2012, Loyal Source had been promoted from a Subcontractor to a Prime Government Contractor, awarded 2 exclusive, longstanding government employment contracts with the Air Force and US Coast Guard; both public agencies named Loyal Source as the sole contractor responsible for staffing all associated healthcare positions within, and both agency contracts we still retain today.

Doing what we do best: filling our awarded Prime contracts in record time; our effective processes and respected past performance over the years began to speak for itself, and as Loyal Source began to grow- as a company and as a family- we began escalating our recruiting services, concentrating on hiring only the right personnel to build our company culture, and refining our candidate hiring processes. The same people and processes that have enabled us to grow 160% in just one year!

Since 2012, we’ve placed thousands of Healthcare Professionals and many other occupations into exclusive Government positions.

Being in the business of people, we are devoted to achieving professional excellence- for our people and for yours. We know that a company is only as productive, innovative, and successful as the people who make it, and it’s our people who have truly established our solid foundation (way back in 2009) in Government Services. And our unremitting belief in hiring the right people- for our company and for yours- that has paved the way for our future success; and that of our candidates and clients too.

Today, we’ve been named #1 in Healthcare Staffing nationwide, and while remaining true to our ‘refuse to lose’ company motto (a motto that got us where we are today), we will continue to dedicate our business efforts to securing exclusive and elite government contracts so as to maintain and further afford our candidates an unequaled selectivity in their government position opportunities.

Looking towards the future, we again, have adapted our business model to the ever-changing staffing industry; and insodoing, we have expanded our staffing service offerings to now encompass Commercial Healthcare providers too. Furthering our recruitment reach, and promulgating our passion to serve, we now look forward to bringing the same degree of commitment and drive we have provided to our government contracts throughout the years, to now assisting our valued healthcare candidates- like you- in joining the respected teams of our Commercial Hospital, and Private Clinic Clients too.