Hire Veterans to Lead Your Business on the Right Path

Hire Veterans to Lead Your Business on the Right Path

Is Your Business at a Crossroads?

We hear it time and time again – employers are frustrated with some of today’s workforce. Whether it’s wanting higher pay, better benefits, more time off, flexible schedules, even complimentary lunches; many applicants seem to have lost their way and forgotten that work is work – and all those perks fluctuate along with the economy. Fortunately, there’s an entire group of hardworking, dedicated military Veterans that are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and help a company thrive.

At Loyal Source, we’ve made hiring veterans a priority, with 1-in-4 of our associates having served in the military. Not only are we proud patriots, honored to have these folks on our teams; but we’re also a shrewd organization that knows success and what it takes to grow. The truth is, Veterans have a disciplined approach to their work, and often bring unique skills and experiences that make them top-notch employees and even greater leaders.

In fact, Veterans are overwhelmingly viewed as having more positive attributes than the average job applicant. A 2016 “Veterans in the Workplace” study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation found that 99% of small businesses see Veterans as more or equally likely than non-Veterans to be disciplined, punctual, team oriented, loyal and hard-working employees.

At this point, with so many studies, articles, and posts – it’s hard to believe that some employers still don’t consider military experience as work experience, and often view time in the service as a ‘gap in a resume.’ Judging from our experience, we see that Veterans:

  • Work well in teams and foster trust.
  • Have a sense of duty and accountability.
  • Possess an extremely strong work ethic.
  • Follow through on assignments.
  • Remain organized and disciplined.
  • Naturally follow rules and deadlines.
  • Are self-starters and confident.

Remember, the military is all about accomplishing a mission. A sense of urgency, duty and flexibility is instilled in military personnel from day one, and that carries over when they join the civilian workforce. At Loyal Source, we’ve already discovered the secret to our success – and encourage other businesses to take note and make hiring Veterans a priority to growing your teams and organization.