Why You Need Scalable Workforce Solutions

Whether part of a growing hospital network or a large government agency, you’re most likely familiar with how common it is to outsource work. This outsourcing can be at the associate level for roles like travel nurses or government contractors – or scaled to much greater capacities. Whatever the case, outsourcing is often the quickest, most cost-effective way to complete new, pressing initiatives.

With Loyal Source’s origins in staffing and subsequent growth to a full-scale workforce solutions leader, we have the inside scoop on what workforce solutions ‘actually’ mean and how these solutions can completely transform how many organizations approach their most urgent needs.

What Is “Workforce Solutions”?

Workforce solutions is an all-encompassing term for a variety of work-related services that an outside organization can provide for your company. These services can range from standard recruiting and staffing all the way to full-scale operations management for larger projects. This means you can spend less time, money, and resources—which can instead be allocated to other, more longstanding needs of your business.

These outsourced organizations are called ‘solutions providers’ because they provide solutions to the operations you might not have been able to feasibly manage on your own. Primary solutions providers are known as prime contractors, who can also sub-contract out additional needs to other solutions providers depending on the scope of the assignment.

Three Reasons Why Your Business or Organization Needs Full-Scale Workforce Solutions

Say your business or organization is getting ready to launch a new major operation in addition to your existing lines of business. As a leader, you may be wondering how to take on this new venture without impacting your current operations. Do you have enough staff trained and ready to work? Do you have teams able to execute the logistics? Will you be able to maintain this new operation without a dip in your existing productivity goals?

The answer to all these questions is simple – scalable workforce solutions! Here are three major reasons why your organization should consider these scalable options:

1. Set-Up and Take-Down Operations

Beyond obvious staffing requirements, organizations often need a reliable team to manage the logistics of setting up and taking down everything at the beginning and end of the operation. This could be as simple as making sure equipment and procedures are in place, to as complex as building an actual infrastructure. A solutions provider will have many logistics connections and experienced staff to ensure all set-up and take-down are as efficient as possible.

2. Program Management

So, what about the day-to-day of the operation? By bringing in industry-specific experts, your organization won’t need to provide much of your own program management. While a traditional staffing company would provide you with the required contract workers and leave it at that, a full-scale solutions provider will help you get the actual work done. Because workforce solutions providers are accustomed to working with organizations across multiple industries or subsets of an industry, their solutions will be easily adaptable to meet your production needs at any given time.

3. Human Resources

Along with benefits, a full-scale workforce solutions provider also comes with their own human resources teams. This means that personnel issues will largely be handled by the provider, freeing up your own organization’s human resources teams to focus on your permanent full-time staff. Your operation will receive dedicated human resources specialists that can help with employee morale, accessing benefits, resolving conflicts, and other personnel issues. If in the rare case an issue needs to be escalated, you’ll still have the full support of the provider’s higher-level human resources management to rely on.

In addition to these obvious benefits, an experienced solutions provider like Loyal Source already has a massive pool of pre-qualified candidates and will be able to quickly source additional job candidates according to your unique needs such as job specialties, education and certifications, experience level, and location. From there, the provider moves eligible candidates through the recruitment process, which also includes verification of qualifications by an expert credentialing team. Job offers are made, contracts are signed, and the newly contracted employees will soon be on their way to training and their first day on the job before you know it.

Finally, one of the most appealing benefits of working with a full-scale solutions provider is that your organization can drastically minimize overhead costs while still getting incredible results. You won’t have to spend excessive time and resources to receive all the benefits mentioned above. Not only will you be saving big-time, but you can also rest easy knowing that your workforce solutions provider is like a well-oiled machine when it comes to providing solutions to your needs in record time and without a drop in quality.

Loyal Source — Your Premiere Workforce Solutions Provider

Loyal Source is proud to be an industry-leading workforce solutions provider! We specialize in government solutions, healthcare, and humanitarian solutions (including behavioral health), travel healthcare solutions, and technical services and support solutions. From the federal to the private sector, efficiency and quality are always our top priorities, and our solutions are always scalable. We’re loyal to our partners and our employees through and through!

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