Military Spouse Appreciation: Keita’s Story

Military Spouse Appreciation:

May 12th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This year we wanted to share the story of one of our own Loyal Source Employees and her journey as a military spouse.

Keita’s Story:

My name is Keita, a Healthcare Recruiter focused on the Humanitarian mission. I’ve been with Loyal Source since April 2022 and was hired on through the Military Spouse Program.  I have been a military spouse for 14 years and counting.


When I look back on advice that I could share to another military spouse, it would be to ask for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to whoever you can to get the help that you need. That was one of the most valuable things I could’ve done, because there are always resources available and people waiting to help.

I always say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

As a family stationed on a military installation there always great programs/groups to be involved in. Especially when you have kids. That’s where their lives are shaped. They start to meet their first friends who go through exactly what they go though. That was a part of our self-care. But also making sure we looked out for each other as a unit.


Self-care for me is a priority that I try to improve on daily.

I practice daily meditation, drinking lots of water, exercise, journal writing, loving on my dog Astro, going for a walk, and cuddling up with a book, enjoying a hot cup of tea, and taking a scenic drive just to name a few.


If you struggle with not knowing how to begin a good self-care journey, I thought I would share some ways that could push you in the right direction.

– “Embrace the suck”-a term used in the military to help you acknowledge that it’s not going to be easy.    It’s hard, but once you accept it that’s when you can begin working on your self-care.

-I would start with a journal. Write down what you’re grateful for in the moments when you don’t feel your best while your spouse is deployed or away for long hours.

-Make family night with the kid’s mandatory fun! This is when being with other military families during the hard times is crucial and great to be a part of, so you don’t feel alone.

Prioritize & Focus on your Family:

Another important focus as a military spouse it to prioritize. I got in the habit of taking at least 30 minutes to make lists/update calendar of things that need to get done over things that could wait. I would use the rest of that time before the night ended to spend with the kids. We love taking walks to get some exercise in.

It can get stressful but having a sense of preparedness really makes a huge difference. Not only is it beneficial for me, but also for the children because they do contribute and help a lot with certain tasks. We are in it together!


We want to thank Keita and all of the military spouses for all that you do and go through. If you are a military spouse interested in learning more Military Spouse Employment Partnership, check out our previous blog.