Serving Country & Company: An interview with Joseph P.

Serving Country & Company:

1 in 4 Loyal Source employees has served in the military. That means 25% of our employees are veterans. Loyal Source is proud and honored to employ our nation’s heroes.

Recently, we interviewed Joe P., a provider network recruiter and veteran, to find out why so many veterans choose Loyal Source for their post-military careers and why they should if they haven’t already.

Joe’s Interview:

Serving Country & Company: An Interview Joseph P.

Tell us about your time in the military:

I was in the Army as am Infantryman and Recruiter from 2001- 2011. I did a 12month tour to Iraq from 2003-2004 and a 16-month deployment to Iraq from 2006-2008. I was a recruiter from 2008-2011.

What skills did you learn in the military that have helped you in a civilian position:

Being able to be a “chameleon” and relate to all walks of life. In the Military, especially when you are deployed,  you are sharing your living space with a group of people from all walks of life, demographics and ethnic backgrounds. You must learn to relate and be empathetic to those individuals. I think that has helped me in being able to connect with candidates and build rapport in a genuine way. Especially when working in TA. Now, working on the MDE team, I think learning to be fluid and understanding and being okay with an ever changing environment has been paramount. When we started MDE we weren’t sure how it was going to go and everyday the needs

Serving Country & Company: An Interview Joseph P.change, the situation and tactics change – very similar to how things change on the battlefield continuously.

Why did you choose Loyal Source:

Being a Veteran owned and operated company was big for me – plus the work that we do revolves around humanitarian work. I transitioned from retail where I felt I was just going through the motions to make a living. The thing I have missed about being in the military is a sense of being a part of something bigger than myself and doing meaningful work. I get that everyday  working here.

Serving Country & Company: An Interview Joseph P.


What do you like about working at Loyal Source:

I have really enjoyed being able to do things outside of my “Day-to-day” role. I have been able to work cross functionally with our Marketing team, the Executive team . Also, the work life balance has Been life changing for me. Last holiday was  the 1st time in my post military career I was able to take a vacation during the holiday.

What would you say to other veterans considering Loyal Source:

If you are looking to do work that will make a difference in lives and give you that sense of belonging that you had while you served – this is where you want to be. The company takes pride in having a strong military employee base and supports and encourages us. It’s the best job I have had since  separating from service.

We thank Joe for taking the time to share his story with us and we are honored to have him as part of our team. His story is one of many that demonstrates the resilience and dedication of our veterans and their commitment to serving our country. We are proud to have such an amazing team of veterans at Loyal Source and we are grateful for their service.

If you are a veteran interested in working for Loyal Source make sure to check out all of our openings!