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Loyal Source has been providing comprehensive Engineering Services, utilizing up-to-date technologies and innovations to support the Government Administration, Commercial Clients and Innovation Industry for the past 30 years. Today, organizations require integral and technically competent Engineering professionals who will confidently address challenges, then swiftly move to develop scalable, efficient and consistent solutions. We retain expertise in all technical aspects of Engineering, and an unrivaled staffing track record- exceeding all administration and project management requirements for our Commercial and Government Agency Clients.

Our tenured Engineering Recruiters deliver the highest level of reliability and staffing performance for our prestigious Engineering Candidates. From project-based work, support staff placement, to management training, our Team is specifically trained to elevate or advance your Engineering career. Partnering with Loyal Source will gain highly qualified professionals- like you- exclusive access to the highest caliber of specialized Engineering positions worldwide.

Encompassing everything from water resources to designing our country’s infrastructure, Engineers are in high demand. Engineers are involved with all aspects of a project, from the beginning design through construction to the final oversight. A broad field, engineering disciplines range from Civil, Electrical and Mechanical to Industrial, Environmental and Aerospace.

Our specialized staffing industries for Engineering Candidates include:

Aerospace Engineering: mission support and analysis, ground support and launch support
Systems Integration: integrating applications and systems
Communications Engineering: support for SATCOMs, radars, telecommunications and telemetry
Electronic Security Systems: designing, testing and installing ICS, ADS, CCTV
Field Engineers and Technicians: providing support services for UAVs and electronic security systems

NAICS Codes:

238210, 541330, 541990, 561621

Engineering Oportunities

Consider our available Engineering opportunities today, and partner with a career-search expert that understands the operational requirements of your ever-changing industry.

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Engineering Services Team:

Jon Melzer, Director, Business Development
Brian Beck, Senior Business Developer
407-306-8441 x110 or 407-306-8441 x107
jmelzer@loyalsource.com bbeck@loyalsource.com
Jason Cohen,
VP, Commercial Permanent Engineering Services

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