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Loyal Source provides elite Training Services utilizing current technologies and state-of-the-art methodologies to support specific needs and requirements of our Government Agency Clients. Our Training solutions are of the highest industry quality, and supremely delivered by our trusted and trained personnel, all with the exact expertise and qualifications tailored to maximize the effectiveness and success of any training initiative.

Our Loyal Source Team of Training Services Recruiters are the most qualified and talented in the industry, placing knowledgeable, networked, and highly-trained professionals- like you- across a spectrum of diverse and rewarding Training positions worldwide. From performance-driven consultants, eLearning experts, to instructional directors, we provide our Training Candidates with the flexibility to choose amongst our industry’s most exclusive and top training assignments and career contracts available.

We develop and deliver certified Training Solutions such as:

New Equipment Training (NET)
Platform Instruction
Medical Training
Field Training
Program of Instruction (POI) Development

NAICS Codes:

611420, 611430, 611699, 611710

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Training Services Team:

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Director, Business Development
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Senior Business Developer
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